Dear Facebook Fans

Posted: July 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Dear Facebook Fans,

Facebook is such an amazing addition to our culture, isn’t it?  It lets you keep up with people you don’t get to see often, find old friends you almost don’t remember having, and update family without having to actually talk to them.

It’s truly wondrous!

What we do want to remember, though, is that for most people, Facebook is public. Even though the option exists for you to set your profiles to private, only allowing people one actually knows access your data, most people can’t be bothered.

So lots of people get treated to front-seat views of family feuds, people acting stupid, pictures that shouldn’t have been taken let alone be posted online, and other things.

Was it really necessary to have a long, drawn out argument with your mother, father, boyfriend, aunts, roommates, and anyone else who drops by?  Remember this is a PUBLIC forum.   If you post it to your wall, everyone you know can see it, and it is even posted to their feed so they don’t even have to be looking for it.

Think about what you post, okay?  While many times it makes people laugh, it sometimes does make us mourn for the fate of humans.


People Who Don’t Want to Know ALL Your Business


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