Dear Tech Support Guy

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Dear Tech Support Guy,

I am not sure why it’s necessary to tell me that your name is John.  Or Bob.  Or Ned.  It’s quite obvious that your name is most likely something entirely foreign to me.  Maybe it’s thought that I will have an easier time connecting with a person who has a name I can recognize.  And, you know, pronounce.

But seriously.  Does your boss make you say that?  As if by pretending that you’re here in the same country as I am will make me happier to be helped by you?  Don’t they realize your thick accent is going to make me a little suspicious?  Personally, as someone who knows a bit about tech devices, by the time I call tech support, I don’t care who helps me so long as it’s fixed.

Today when I was transferred to the “National Help Desk,” I wondered if I would be speaking with someone who was near to me, but I was quickly assured I was not.

Well, regardless of who you were or where you were, my issue was fixed, and quickly, so I thank you.  Whatever your name is.

Just wondering,

A Person Whose Internet Wasn’t Working Earlier


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